Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Lovely Saturday Morning Suprise

While most of the kitchen duties are mine, my husband has decided that he needs his own "specialty" that I am not allowed to make. One of these "specialties" is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, though I have informed him that something a toddler can make is not a specialty. I am, however, quite fond of his other speciality- weekend pancakes.

Early in our marriage, he became fascinated by pancakes and started tinkering in the kitchen on Saturday and Sunday mornings. He had a few minor disasters, but has since come up with a wonderful "secret" recipe for very tasty pancakes. Using either a box mix or Alton Brown's recipe for pancake mix, he adds orange juice in place of some of the milk. The exact measurements are top secret, either because he doesn't want to share or he doesn't know because it is never the same twice.

This particularly morning I woke up to this fabulous spread on our kitchen table (please excuse the mess; we are still working on the sun room).

As a fun bonus to this morning's pancakes, he added some fresh berries for a lovely presentation. Mine had blueberries:

His had strawberries:

My handsome hubby/chef!


DeborahSW said...

Lucky you to have a hubby who cooks! I love that it's a "secret" recipe too. ;)

Meredith & Eric said...

Hey there! Love the food blog! I think its so cute that it's all about recipes and your kitchen and stuff! Way to go! :) P.s. Matt looks WAY skinny by the way!