Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've been tagged!

Alright, the tagging has made its way to me from Mari, so here are 8 facts about me.

1.) As I mentioned in my cookie post, I opened up a bookstore in college with my now husband and a friend, Jared. Jared started selling used books on Amazon right when it was becoming popular and made a ton of money. He turned it into a business. We worked out of a warehouse with thousands of books and sold quite a few on the internet. After we ended up with hundreds of books that were unlistable, either because of no ISBN or there were just too many listed online, Jared decided to open a storefront. He asked me to spearhead it, so I was able to fulfill a dream. Not only did I work in a bookstore, I started one from the ground up. It was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I learned a lot about business and I had the absolute pleasure of forming relationships with a few regulars. I knew where every book was in that store and was able to recommend a lot of great books to customers. One of the saddest days of my life was the day we closed the store. Jared let me go through the inventory before we had our closing sale and told me I could take whatever I wanted. I left with 4 full boxes and a ton of memories.

2.) I've known I wanted to be a lawyer since I was 14 years old. I did a research project on the Scopes Monkey Trial and fell in love with Clarence Darrow, the "attorney for the damned". It sort of became a calling and I decided after that project that I wanted to be a public defender. Who is more damned than the PD's clients?

3.) I am a desperately shy individual. If I am not 100% comfortable, I hold back and just watch. I come off as a snob, but it really is just being shy. As a result, I'm terrible at making friends and only have 1 or 2 close friends.

4.) I held the hula hoop record in my neighborhood for 3 summers straight. No one was better with that hoop than I. Now, I can't keep it around my waist for the life of me, but I will always have that title.

5.) I recently started running for fun. I was introduced to the Couch to 5K running program and decided to give a shot. In the past, I have always said that I hate running and would only do so if forced. Now I actually like it. I made it to week 8 in the program, but then suffered my first sport related injury. Apparently, the hip flexor is something that needs to be treated when injured, otherwise the hip will roll forward to protect it, causing one leg to be over half an inch longer than the other. This, apparently, then causes the band that connects your hip to your knee to rub on a bursa, causing bursitis and a sharp, persistent pain in the hip. Or so I've heard. I will now not only work at physical therapy clinic; I will be a patient.

6.) I currently don't have any pets. I want a pet, but my husband is allergic to cats and doesn't "believe" in indoor dogs. I have told him that it's either a dog or a baby, but he's not giving in on either.

7.) I am one of the biggest Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans you will ever meet. I own all 7 seasons on DVD and watch them on a very regular basis. When I had FX, I would wake up at 7:00 AM to watch Buffy reruns, even though I have them all on DVD. My best friend and I along with 2 other friends from college would have Girls Night every week where we'd watch Buffy, eat pizza and gossip about our boys, who were all friends/roommates. Good times. I gained a lot of weight that year. Too much free pizza (our friends worked at the dining hall pizza place and would bring the pizza to us).

8.) I am not picky about movies. I will watch just about anything so long as it is not horrifically violent. I have only turned off one movie (The Nutty Professor- too many fat jokes), walked out on one (Saw II- so gross), and almost walked out on one other (Unbreakable; Worst.Movie.Ever.). I also wish I could get the two hours back I wasted watching the Transporter, but those are the only movies I can say I disliked. Some say I have no taste, but I'd like to say I have low expectations. I don't expect all movies to be Oscar contenders. While it doesn't take much to entertain me, I will say that Audrey Hepburn will always be my favorite actress and I love all her movies, even the silly ones. My friend, Jana, made quite a bit of fun of me for liking Funny Face, but how pretty was she in that movie?! Open mind, people. That's all it takes.

Alright, now it's time for me to tag some people. I'm kind of at the tail end of this, so I'm not sure I'm going to be able to tag 8 people. I'm tagging Meredith, Jana, Ang, Laura, and Mary Ellen. I don't think these girls have been tagged recently!


myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

Found you through another blog. I've heard about that "couch to 5K running program." Do I have to get off the couch to get a copy?

Linda said...

Ironically enough, you do not need to get off the couch to get a copy. You can find it at, no moving necessary!